Amazing writing!

Date: 5th Jun 2015 @ 8:41pm

This week, the children have completed some fantastic writing, based on a short film clip of The Dreamgiver.

Having watched the clip and discussed ideas, vocabulary etc., they wrote their own pieces, focusing particularly on the words they selected to enhance description and create strong images.  Here are just a few examples.

The Dreamgiver

Gloomily, the reflected moon hung in the pitch black sky.  Silence was haunting the town, or so it seemed.  No-one knew that something or someone was awake at the darkest hour.  Inside one of the houses many children were sleeping, sleek, bony fingers skotted themselves in between the breezy shutters.  Creakily, the shutters opened, one by one.  A fogure stepped in through them. The creature's hairless head shone in the moonlight.  Its eyes were covered by colossal goggles, which blackened his eyes.  These were balanced on its substantial nose, below, his mouth was severe.  He was unhappy. He crept to the first child's bed and laid down a gleaming bag of seven golden eggs.                                       

                                                                                                                                       Harriet D


As the creamy moon lay in the gloomy, pitch-black sky like a lantern, there was a flash of light. What was it?  Was it  a shooting star, lightning, or something more sinister?  Suddenly, there was a glow from outside the orphanage.  Curving its thin, bony, twitchy fingers around the shutters, he gradually opened the latch and jumped in.  His figure was extremely odd, with elf-like ears, round goggles which lay on top of his gargantuan nose and a long pencil-like body with just a mint green loin cloth which was tied around his waist.  Comfortable loafers covered his pale feet. Also, he had a pair of dainty wings, which glimmered in the moonlight.

Slowly, suspiciously, he drifted to the end of the bed and placed a twinkling golden sack on the bed to display sevn golden, gleaming eggs....



As the moon hung in the misty night sky, a goblin-looking thing jumped from house to house, until he pounced on to an orphanage's window-sill.  His twiggy, thin, bony fingers reached inside and easily opened the window.  He was an odd looking creature: a giant, fat nose (for smelling danger), a pair of telescopic-lensed goggles, elf or goblin-like ears, which were roughly added on to a bald, boiled egg-like head.  

This creature was only wearing an olive green loin cloth, over his waist down to his knees. Fluttering down with his delicate wings, he landed on the edge of a child's bed, slowly taking seven golden eggs out of his bag.

                                                                                                                      Charlie H


As the moon hung in the inky sky, the Dreamgiver moved from house to house across London. He opened the shutter with his thin, bony fingers, and reached inside the white house, disturbing the shutters.  The Dreamgiver was a grotesque creature, with a gargantuan nose to help him sense danger, with big, dark glasses and elf-like ears adding to a bald, shiny head.  His bosy was as slender as a pencil.  He also had delicate wings, which shimmered in  the dark of the night.

The creature landed on the edge of a little girl's bed.  Gently, silently, he pulled the bag off the stick to reveal seven glowing and golden eggs.

                                                                                                                             Henry G





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