Alphabet Challenge

Date: 26th Apr 2020 @ 8:08pm

Hi all, 

I hope that you are all well and have had another weekend enjoying the sunshine. I have a little bit of a tan from gardening. 

I am just checking in to see how you are all getting on with the Alphabet Challenge. We are having lots of fun in the Entwistle house. We started slightly later thean Mrs Knight, so our first day was Wednesday, for A we did some Art. Grace really enjoyed the Picasso inspired portarits and masks. I also took these into school and the children there loved them too. I will share their finished work next week. 

On Thursday, we made banana bread and it was burnt. Despite this being alphabetically correct, it wasn't the plan, fortunately it tasted delicious. Friday was our most exciting day, we camped in the garden. Max, Baker and I had a super night's sleep, but Gracie and Mr Entwistle were a bit tired the next morning, they said it was a bit cold. I don't recommend that one this week. The picture at the top of the page is from when we had just got into the tent. We have also done dog training for D and an egg and spoon race for E. Today was F, we have had Freezer Tapas, were we ate lots of different things from the freezer like mini pizza, sauage rolls, spring rolls, vegetable nuggets etc. We made it more healthy with lots of salad and fruit for dessert. It was delicious. Today was H and we play hide and seek, tomorrow we are having an indian curry for tea and the children are making ice cream sundaes. For J, we did some juggling and went on a little jog around the garden, luckily it is quite small! K was kick cricket, which was good fun. We were going to make kites, but it wasn't windy that day.  

At the weekend, we had L on Friday, we made a Lemon Cake and delivered to our neighbours doorstep, our neighbours are my mum and dad. Saturday was an exciting day, M was Majorca day. We dressed up and pretended that we were in Majorca, again it was cloudy, but that was fine. We had spanish food for dinner and turned our front room into a bar and played Uno, our holiday game. Yesterday, we made and played noughts and crosses, we had to play quickly so Baker wouldn't eat them.

We have continued with our alphabet this week. Sunday was N, which was no work. It was really nice to relax and enjoy the day. O was quite tricky, but we made an obstacle course in the garden, using lots of things from the shed and the garage. P was party preparation Day and we got ready for our VE day on Friday. We made invitations to the neighbours inviting them out at 3pm and suggesting we all had a drink at the end of our driveways and play some music from 1945. The following night, we had a family quiz for Q and Max and Gracie made the questions, there was a lot about sport and televsion. On R, we had a huge roast dinner with roast beef, roast potatoes and roast carrots and on S we made smoothies. We brought V forward and celebrated Victory in Europe Day on Friday, then we went back to T, where we played tennis over the garden fence.

Another tricky letter was U but luckily, or unlckily it was raining so we needed our umbrellas. W was another tricky one but we decided to watch old videos on the computer, I also did a lot of washing that day, which was very boring. Keep having fun and share your ideas with us if you can. 


Mrs Entwistle

Hi Harry and family. I am so happy to read that you are joining the alphabet challenge, it was a great idea of Mrs Knight's. We are on h today, so we have all played a big game of Hide and Seek, which actually quite a good activity on a rainy day, stuck inside. Have fun with your alphabet challenge. 

Love Mrs Entwistle


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