Another busy week

Date: 3rd May 2021 @ 5:22pm

The children have amazed everyone with their knowledge last week. We are learning about the Anglo Saxons this term. so firstly, we spent a whole lesson focussing on their previous knowledge of other periods of history and how they thought the Saxons may have fitted into this. They were fantastic, telling us about all the periods of the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Lots of Year 4 had remembered about the Roman Invasion and the impact on Britain, describing how they brought a new language, government, road, money and religion.  We then had a great session in the hall, with PE mats as Britain, we had children role playing different parts, Celts, Romans and different European tribes who wanted to invade Britain for different reasons. This practical session made a real impact and the children brought so much knowledge to the next session. They have now started to complete their own research on who were the Anglo Saxons and where and why did they come from. We are all excited to carry on this learning this week. 

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