Class 3 week ending 21st May 2021

Date: 21st May 2021 @ 9:15am

Another super busy week in Class 3 again and lots of fun learning has taken place.  

In literacy we have continued to read the story Cogheart by Peter Bunzl.  The children are really enjoying the text and getting to know the different characters.  We have decided Mr Roach and Madame Verdegris are definitely the baddies!  Our writing focus has been diary writing as the main character of Lily.  This week we have been independently editing our work looking for key grammar and punctuation.  We also completed a 'show not tell' activity focusing on emotions.  Below are some examples of the children's work can you guess the emotions?

Lily was sweating about seeing Madame Verdegris.  She started to pace round.  She was biting her nails and began to tremble all over. TP

Lily clenched her teeth and narrowed her eyes at the Kraken.  She felt as if she was going to erupt like a volcano.  CP

Molly wiped her eyes and sat on the bed with Lily.  Molly sniffed quietly and sighed. GS

Her eyes widened, and her legs shook.  She flared her nostrils and hugged her legs.  Lily froze on the rocking stool and let out a silent scream.  MT-L

In maths we have continued to focus on factors.  The children created 'factor bugs' to go onto our maths display and to help them to remember the factors of a variety of numbers.  We then moved on to reasoning about factors and using our mathematical vocabualry such as product, factor, arrays and factor pairs.  As usual we have continued to practise our timestables and lots of children are getting closer and closer to that score of 144!

Science - this week we decided come rain or shine we were going to get out to the pond and do some pond dipping.  Luckily, we had the shine.  The children thoroughly enjoyed discovering what is living in our pond and identifying them using the classification keys.  They found plenty of nymphs and few worms and beetles and a couple of newts which were promptly put back in the pond.  The newts caused great excitement!

In art, the children independently created their own landscape picture using the skills of perspective.  There are still a few to be finished, but they have done an excellent job.  Those that have been finished are on display in the classroom and I have uploaded a picture here so you can see.   We also got round to finishing our Greek sandals this week.  Once again the children showed real creativity and we had a fun Thursday afternoon finishing these off.

Have a wonderful weekend (hopefully not too wet) and I will see you all next week.DSC00335.jpgDSC00310.jpgDSC00312.jpgDSC00314.jpgDSC00319.jpgDSC00324.jpgDSC00325.jpgDSC00327.jpgDSC00329.jpgDSC00330.jpgDSC00332.jpgDSC00333.jpg



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