Class Four's writing

Date: 19th Sep 2020 @ 5:24pm

We are using the story of Rose Blanche to base our Literacy on this term.  Work includes discussing the text, vocabulary, sentence structure and descriptive devices. The writing builds slowly, using the illustrations aas a base for ideas and discussion, so the written pieces are short to begin with.  Here is some of the work that we have been doing. 

Yesterday, me and my mum went to the small market, not to get food, but to watch the nervous soldiers go off to war.  The children cheering made me feel good inside, but deep down I felt sad because I thought of all those poor soldiers not returning home on both sides.

The smell of petroland polish filled the air.  They were coming from the vehicle and the soldiers' highly polished boots and buttons.  I looked up at the fat mayor, thinking he must be hot.  His swastika armband caught my ete.  He beamed over the soldiers fighting for his town and people.

                                                                                                                                                     - Charlie

Yesterday it all began.....

As I entered the town square, noises slowly got louder, echoing through my ears. Trucks pulled in to pick up the brave, faithful soldiers going to dreadful war.

Shoits and cheers went quieter as the mayor and important looking soldiers tried to get the crowd's attention.  After the interminable speech, cheering returned, as the armed soldiers boarded the military truck.

Flags fluttered off the side of old buildings, representing their country.  The smell of the bakery invaded the air, luring people to the appetising food.  I was jumping with excitement, as well as feeling worried about my friends and family, inside.  I showed no fear.

                                                                                                                                                  - Freddie


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