Firework poems

Date: 26th Oct 2015 @ 9:16pm

This week, the children devised their own individual poems, around the topics of fireworks and Bonfire Night, and using their senses. Some of them are now on display in school.

Here are a few of them that we would like to share:


I'd like to see the bonfire glow,
Burning old, dry, rotten wood,
And fireworks fizz across the sky,
Going fast and never slow.

I'd like to hear the crackling flames,
Twisting and turning fast,
I want to hear the fireworks whizz,
And know their amazing names.

I'd like to smell my sparkler's sparks,
And they will keep me warm,
I want to smell the bonfire,
As it lights up the park.

I'd like to taste some orange chews,
Black Matches soar to the stars,
They bring out a Crackling Comet,
And they finally light the fuse.



I'd like to see a UFO,
Rippling through the sky,
Children holding sparklers,
Laughing everywhere they go.

I'd like to hear the whizz, pops and cracks,
The dark night, making no sound,
Just the noise of a Catherine Wheel,
And the odd jump of a Jumping Jack.

I'd like to smell a bonfire,
Smoke filling up the air,
Dancing up towards the clouds,
Waltzing as it gets higher.


Bonfire Night

I'd like to see Silver Moonbeams,
Dazzling the cheery crowds,
Crackling explosions in the night,
Just like marvellous dreams.

I'd like to hear a bonfire,
Sizzling majestically,
Flames dancing as the children watch,
The fire grows even higher.

I'd like to smell the woodsmoke,
Drifting up into the night,
As Guy Fawkes is burnt on top,
The children watch with their folks.

I'd like to taste the cool night air,
Tickling my tendernostrils,
Freezing mypoor handsand feet,
As the wind wips up my hair.


Firework poem

I'd like to see thesparklers spinning,
Dazzling and glimmering in the night,
Drawing names in the emptyair,
Side to side, the fun's just beginning.

I'd like to hear bangs from firework's night,
Zooming through the starry sky,
One, two, three, blast off!
Oh boy,it gave me a fright!

I'd like to smell the burning wood,
Roasted marshmallows on the fire,
Fireworks crackling high in the sky,
This bonfire has been so good.

I'd like to taste the chicken wings,
Cooked on the barbeque,
Paper plates and checkered rugs,
Everyone gathered round to sing.


Bonfire Night

I'd like to see a firework,
Shooting through the sky,
Blue and red volcano lights,
Eruptions glow orange in the night.

I'd like to hear a firework,
Crackle, pop and bang,
The colours spread like a burst,
Who will hear them first?


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