Governor Surgery and Closing Gates

Date: 21st Nov 2016 @ 4:23pm

Last week we held our regular half-termly Governor Surgery. A couple of parents took the time to come and say hello and share some views. It's a really good mechanism for us as School Governors to not only meet our families, but also hear any issues you are experiencing first hand. Likewise, it's a good opportunity for you to come and see us and air your views - positive or otherwise. We'll be doing another in the new year so please do drop in. We do it at 3pm when a lot of parents are waiting in the car park anyway. If this hasn't been convenient, suggestions of timing is more than welcome. 


We are continuing to do everything we can to influence driving school improvement. I've been particularly pleased with the efforts that staff have made in arranging Literacy and Maths sessions for parents. This has been in response to questions and concerns raised. Unfortunately though, these haven't been well attended at all which is disappointing, especially for the staff who arrange them. We've tried mornings, evenings and now this week - an afternoon session on Thursday of this week at 2:30pm. Hopefully all of these sessions like these will gain momentum and ultimately benefit our children. They really are good you know so please do try and come this week. 


Whilst writing, just a polite reminder; please, please, please can families dropping off and collecting at Treetops shut the gate behind them. Despite moving the sign onto the gate itself, it's still frequently left wide open. We need it shut in to minimise the remotest possibility of an unaccompanied child making it out onto the car park. It's for your children's safety, so please shut the gate behind you.


Don't forget, you can contact us via the school office; email or stop any of us any time. Finally, as we head towards December, I'm really looking forward to enjoying and taking part in the festivities at school, particularly the various productions and nativities. It's always good to see the children on stage enjoying themselves. 


Best wishes,

Chris Lightfoot

Chair of Governors' 

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