Our 'pocket' poems

Date: 5th Sep 2015 @ 7:49pm

Here are a few of the poems the children wrote this week after listening to the [poem 'Ten things found in a wizard's pocket' by Ian McMillan.  They created their own poems and used different ideas for whose pocket they were writing about.  If you would like to read more, please come in and read the ones on display in the school hall.

Ten things found in a superhero's pocket

A bright yellow crystal that he protects from evil,
A dark grey laser gun that fires burning hot lasers,
An air bag, in case of a crash landing.
A spare cape for if the other one gets lost,
Electric bolts to charge up his super pwers,
A party blower for when they catch the wicked person,
Titanium gloves for punching through walls,
A bad guy tracker for tracking villains,
A device that helps him call for other superhero help,
A clonoing machine to clone superheroes.

Fynn Williamson


Ten things found in a child's pocket

Eleven sweet wrappers fro her sister's stash,
Seven odd shells from Barmouth beach,
Two coloured pencils, one green, one yellow,
A dog treat for the dog who lives at Mapple Lane,
Some tatty old hair clips,
Sand, which got into her pocket while she was playing,
Cat fluff from when the cat jumper on her,
Daisies she picked two days ago, that she left by mistake,
Some left over birdseed the pigeons didn't eat
A tissue from last winter.

Harriet Dawson


Ten things foiund in an alien's pocket

A metal bird with reptile skin,
A powerful acid phone that teleports,
A milkshake with gooey toes in it,
Creepy, sixteen-eyed spiders,
A pencil made out of Mars,
A coin cast from an eagle's claw,
A book that talks to you, in the strangest voice,
A magical stone,
A tissue made from a creepy crocodile's thick body,
A sharp dagger made from a dinosaur's spine.

George Plevin



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