The Governors can blog too!

Date: 8th Dec 2015 @ 5:12pm

The governors now have the ability to blog too! We will use it in order to help keep you better informed on our activities. 

Last week, as Year 6 governor, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Class 4. I took part in a DT lesson where the children were making paper prototypes of the carrier bags they had designed. It was great to see how other subjects such as art (using cameras to record their progress) and numeracy (shape, arithmetic, measurements) were incorporated in to the same subject. The big learning point for me was that these core subjects aren't really standalone after all - they're utilised throughout the curriculum to develop our children's skills. 

I also got to see the draft copy of the Duddon Poetry book (Our Poems: BIG and small) last week. I think you'll love it. All of our children will be published authors which I think is really exciting and continues the encouragement of literacy throughout our school. 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. 

Chris Lightfoot
Chair of Governors

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Liz Smith wrote:

Year Six are really enjoying the interest and support of their year governor, and are always enthusiastic about your visits. It makes a great difference to them, feeling that someone else is taking an interest in their work and their opinions, and is also invaluable for a governor to be able to gain first-hand understanding of what a cohort is like in ability and potential. We very much appreciate the time and effort given to your visits. Many of our lessons are 'cross-curricular', mixing literacy, maths, art, IT skills and more, and it helps make children understand that what they are learning in one subject needs to also be applied in other areas.

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