Week beginning 23rd May

Date: 6th Jun 2022 @ 5:49pm

Class 2 have had a great few weeks. The pupils really enjoyed our Roman Day last Thursday, where they explored a range of activities including building roman roads, making laurel wreaths, roman villas, and eating roman bread and honey cake. We played a range of games that reinforced the lasting impact that Romans have had on life today, including a Roman version of battle ships. 

Over the last few days, Class two have been learning about Queen Elizabeth and her 70 year reign. We have discussed how life has changed during her time on the throne and what life might be like in another 70 years. As part of our jubilee celebrations next Thursday, we will be burying a time capsule under the tree that will be planted to mark the Jubilee. All children have thought carefully about the items that will be placed inside and what they could reveal about life in Duddon in 2022. Pupils have drawn a picture of Queen Elizabeth and have written her a letter expressing their thanks and askinga series of important questions. A selection of letters and pictures have been sent to her majesty at the palace. This has caused much excitement. 

We look forward to celebrating with you all on Thursday.

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